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Middleton Junction East to Middleton Station

Stations are indicated by an '#' symbol prior to the place name. Signal boxes are indicated by numbers in the left hand column. Distances are normally those between signal boxes. Location names are as shown in the 1960 Sectional Appendix.

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Throughout 05.01.1857
Throughout 07.09.1964 (P)
Throughout 11.10.1965 (G/A)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 30 m.p.h.
1 - Middleton Junction East -
2 --- - #Middleton Station 0m 1533yds o. 05.01.1857 c. 07.09.1964